No matter how many times you’ve been through it, getting your children to brush and floss regularly is a challenge even for the most superhuman of parents around. Despite the difficulty for many parents to get their children to brush their teeth and floss, the fact remains proper dental hygiene is essential to prevent long-term decay and costly procedures as they mature into teenagers and adults. While no method is perfect, we’ve found a few ways to help get your children to brush and floss regularly.

Lead By Example

Starting from a young age, it’s essential you set an example on why proper dental hygiene is so important. If your children see that you take care of your teeth throughout their childhood, they are significantly more likely to follow suit. Often you can even brush your teeth with then when you are putting them to bed. When at the grocery store you can involve them in choosing the right toothpaste and reiterate how important proper dental care is, even to adults!

Buy A Fun Toothbrush

One of the most popular and effective methods in getting your children to brush their teeth is by shopping with them for a fun and color toothbrush. Maybe your little one is a big fan of, and they would love nothing more than using a superman (or superwoman) toothbrush right before they go into dreamland. There are hundreds of fun and effective toothbrushes that cover a wide variety of tv shows, movies, comics, and cartoons. When looking for the perfect toothbrush, involve your child as much as possible. Explain to them why brushing their teeth is important and that this is a special toothbrush as the result of their good behavior.

Reward Them For Good Dental Hygiene

Last but not least, you want to try and reward your children for having good dental hygiene overall. While many parents resort to giving their children candy for brushing their teeth, we tend to think that’s a little counterproductive. Of course, taking them out once a month for a banana split is well worth it if they consistently brush and floss every day for 30 days in a row. Your reward doesn’t have to involve snacks, of course; maybe you can take your little one to the theme park, or take them to the latest action hero movie they have wanted to see. Get creative and show them why you are proud of them!