It is hard enough to win the battle of getting the kids to bed – making them brush their teeth is almost impossible. And still, every parent aims to form good habits for oral care in their child, seeing how crucial it is to their development and health.
This isn’t easy. To help you out, we made a list of 4 very clever ideas that might work with your children.

1. Let Them Practice on You
You might find this a bit uncomfortable, but if it works, who cares? If your child refuses to let you brush their teeth, let them do this to you first.
To make it even more interesting, act a little. Make funny sounds and expressions. The kid will want to join the fun experience, too.

2. Bribe Them with Rewards
Of course, this doesn’t have to and probably shouldn’t be a money award. Get a set of stickers and place them on a tooth-brushing calendar. After a successful week, give your child a small present she would love. A small toy or their favorite snack should do the job.

3. Tell Them a Story
When your child doesn’t want to do something they have to do – tell them a story! In this case, you would be speaking of sugar bugs that attach to their teeth and need to be defeated. If your child wants to be the winner, they need to defend the mouth at least twice a day – with a toothbrush!

4. Use Music
What’s your child’s favorite music? Play it in the bathroom and make your own tooth-brushing choreography. The child will love brushing his teeth this way!

Do you have any other favorite tricks to encourage children to brush? Share them with other parents – they’ll sure come highly appreciated!