How to Help Your Children Overcome Anxiety About Seeing the Dentist

If your child is displaying signs of anxiety before going to the dentist, there are many ways you can ease their worry. Firstly, understand that it’s entirely reasonable for a child to have some fear. They are going to visit someone they don’t know. The unknown can be scary for some kids. However, you can help the process go smoothly, and allow them to enjoy going to the dentist ultimately. Keep reading to find out how.

Let your child know

Tell your child ahead of time that they will be visiting the dentist. This allows them to prepare. Also, they won’t be surprised when you tell them the day before. Be mindful of the way you are telling them as well. Talk to them in a comfortable, non-threatening way. You don’t need to give them a lot of details, just allow them to know they have an appointment.

Avoid certain words

When you and your child talk about the dentist, try not to use words like “hurt.” Most appointments are pain-free, so it’s important that they do not worry for no reason.

Don’t share bad experiences

If you have had a bad experience at the dentist, don’t tell them about it. Children often have anxiety about visiting the dentist due to fears passed down from their parent. Your negative experiences won’t ease your child’s mind.

Educate them

It’s essential for your child to know why the dentist is so important. Stress the importance of healthy teeth and gums to your child on a regular basis. Tell them that good dental health is vital for their overall health and how the dentist contributes.


If you have tried these ideas and your child is still experiencing anxiety about going to the dentist, make sure you let the dentist know so they can be extra friendly and gentle. For more tips on helping your child overcome anxiety about seeing the dentist, contact us today!