Childhood is a time of exploration and discovery. It can be filled with scraps and bruises especially if the child does sport. Sports have a host of health benefits, but they can also lead to injuries. This should not be a deterrent against doing sports, instead it should make them more precautious about injuries.

Mouthguards and Sport

Sport-related injuries form a huge portion of childhood dentistry treatments. According to some data, most of these include the top front teeth. These accidents and injuries can rack up huge losses over time, both financially and in time missing from school.


A simple and highly effective means to prevent these sort of injuries is the use of a mouthguard. Using a comfortable mouthguard that has been properly-fitted and wearing it consistently when sports are played can significantly reduce the possibility of dental injuries to children.


Mouthguard Use and Fitting

Mouthguards are the helmets for the teeth. And they are just as important. There are sports where mouthguards are mandatory at school. These are football and hockey as an example. These sports have seen a decrease in the number of sports-related oral injuries due to the wearing of a mouthguard. The number of sports that authorities recommend making mouthguards mandatory are starting to grow.


Which Mouthguard to Use?

Mouthguards should be used not only when your child practices but also when they play on game day. While you will find different kinds of mouthguards out there, they can be categorized into three groups. These groups ordered by comfort are off-the shelf, boil and bite and custom mouthguards.

As the name implies custom mouthguards are molded to your specific mouth and teeth. While boil and bite are molded and shaped to your mouth’s contours by first boiling, biting on them and molding them to your mouth. The last is bought off the shelf at any sporting goods store.


The importance of a good mouthguard cannot be understated. It is an excellent deterrent against sports injuries and the cost and trauma involved in them.