We Are Now A Part Of Healthy Start!

The orthodontic/orthopedic HealthyStart System features natural, pain-free, non-pharmaceutical treatment to help patients smile confidently without having to rely on braces. It opens the airway and straightens the teeth, fixing problems that have plagued the world. Basically, the system doesn´t use ugly wires and rubber bands to pull out and remove teeth, completely eliminating the need to wear braces round the clock.

How is this system helpful?

We Use Healthy StartNot only is this system helpful in fixing teeth in a natural way, it is also helpful for diagnosing symptoms related to sleep disordered breathing. The system effectively works to locate the hidden root causes of sleep disordered breathing and recommends necessary procedures such as necessary oral habits to facilitate open airway and the proper development of the jaws, which, in turn, helps reduce breathing problems and pave the way for straighter teeth.

It is very common for sleep disordered breathing to be misdiagnosed. Therefore, it is essential to diagnose the root problems properly to treat it. You should be on the lookout for certain things if you want your child to grow up healthy. For instance, if your child breathes through the mouth and snores heavily, it could be because of a restricted airway. If your child breathes heavily from the mouth, the air that he/she inhales is usually not humidified and filtered—because that´s a job that is done by the nose. Since the air is not humidified and filtered, it is left for the tonsils and adenoids to do the job they were not created to do, leading to swollen tonsils and adenoids.

You should know that a child that has been deprived of proper sleep shows similar symptoms faced by children suffering from ADD and ADHD. The Healthy Start System allows the parents to identify if their child is, in fact, suffering from disorders such as ADD and ADHD or just suffering from sleep disordered breathing. It would be disastrous for a child suffering from sleep disordered breathing to be medically treated in a similar way to a child suffering from ADD and ADHD. A simple way to identify if your child suffers from sleep disordered breathing is by checking if he/she has restless sleep and wakes up in the middle of the night because of nightmares.

This system is particularly helpful for children. It allows the children to change their habits and take the right steps in ensuring the proper development of their mouth and bone structure. It also helps that their bodies can adjust and mold easier than a full-grown adult. You wouldn´t want your kids to suffer from the problems created by crowded teeth now, would you? Crowded teeth play an atrocious role in narrowing the dental arch and with the dental arch restricted, your child will not be able to breathe properly. If your child doesn´t receive a proper amount of oxygen, it could hinder your child´s overall physical growth and lead to the development of dark circles. A child who can´t sleep soundly because of breathing problems will also face problems in other areas. For instance, a lack of decent sleep also affects academic performances.