Kissimmee Children´s Dentistry Uses The Wand STA

It is important to keep abreast of changing times and be well prepared to use modern facilities to increase efficiency and convenience. Kissimmee Children´s Dentistry, too, uses the award winning next generation of dental anesthesia injection technology, The Wand.

So, what makes The Wand so good and what are its benefits?

The WandWell, it helps dentists provide more accurate, more consistent, and more painless anesthesia to the patients. The Wand is an anesthesia system assisted by the computer, which assists in the precise delivery of anesthesia by controlling the flow rate, pressure and volume. This allows for the delivery of anesthetic below the patient´s pain threshold, providing a significant comfortable injection than what is possible with the traditional dental syringe which has remained virtually unchanged for the last 150 years!

In addition to delivering a more painless injection, the Wand also helps consistently perform injection techniques that reduce collateral numbness, therefore being a more flexible technique that provides more options. Basically, the patients can undergo this treatment and not have to worry about the after effects such as having a numb face. This technology is especially helpful in providing comfort to little children who scare easy while at the dentist.

As a child, didn´t you hate visiting the dentist? Well, in order to prevent your child from suffering a similar experience, you should consider taking him/her to a kid-friendly pediatric dental office that uses The Wand STA.
Not only is the technology easier on the patients, it is also physically and mentally easier on the dentists, who regularly have to deal with the constant worry and anxiety of the patients.

It also helps that the technology is simply more efficient than traditional equipment. Because of the invention of The Wand STA, you can have a bi-later mandibular treatment in one visit!

What about the technology involved?

No other method or technology comes close to The Wand when it comes to efficiency and productivity. It is simply head and shoulders above its contemporaries. The flow rate of the patented technology is regulated through the computer, allowing the dentist/operator to control the pressure and rate of anesthesia. The technology boasts of 3 different speed modes, ControlFlo, RapidFlo, and TurboFlo, created specifically to conform to the regulations of each injection type. The technology also largely benefits from its dynamic pressure sensing feature, allowing the technology to monitor the exit pressure to allow the maintenance of optimal needle position.

Other Benefits

The Wand hand piece is simply a magnificent tool for dental practitioners. It is because it provides outstanding tactile control because of its pen-like grasp and light weight. When the professionals use this tool, they needn´t worry about needle deflection; it is because the Wand hand piece enables bi-rotational insertion technique. The piece can also be elongated and shortened accordingly to provide better control and access. Unlike the syringe, the Wand doesn´t facilitate a retracting motion, making it a wonderful tool for Inferior Alveolar Blocks. It also need not be refilled frequently as it can use numerous cartridges with a single puncture.